A world where people live in harmony with themselves and the planet


Andrew is an entrepreneur with a lust for adventure and growing himself, in all aspects of his life. He is very passionate about the environment and found that connection early in his childhood when his brothers would take him to Algonquin Park canoeing and camping. Andrew really took that connection to the next level when he started mountaineering in 2007. That same year he started working in the forestry industry as a tree-planter. For 5 seasons Andrew planted in Scotland, Alberta and British Columbia. He has personally planted over 750,000 trees. Andrew has always felt a strong passion for the earth and always wanted to inspire others to feel the same. Canpeaks is the medium through which he will do that.

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Since childhood David has been passionate about nature. Growing up rurally he developed a strong connection with nature through fishing, swimming and exploring the Kawartha Lakes wilderness. As an adult David continued his passion by combining it with his career path. After studying environmental sciences at the University of Guelph he worked a variety of jobs including technician for Environment Canada, tree-planter, and fishing guide. During his time as a professional fishing guide David realized how important it was to share his passion with others, and how valuable creating a fun educational experience for people was in building a connection with nature. Through Canpeaks, David plans on expanding his impact on his community by sharing his message and connection with all those who are interested in developing or strengthening their relationship with the earth.

Our Mission

To inspire others to create a connection with nature, by sharing our experiences and relationship with nature, and creating opportunities for others through which those connections can occur

Core Values

  • To personally take on being stewards of the earth and inspire others through not only our words but actions
  • To bridge the gap between people and the planet in a fun exciting and inspiring way for everyone

  • To be truthful and have full integrity in following through with our mission and vision

  • To make an impact in reducing our impact

  • To give people easy and fun ways to reduce their impact on the planet

  • To inspire each other and our team through good times and bad

  • To provide excellent value to our sponsors and our partners

  • To create a work environment that allows each member of our team to maximize their potential both personally and professionally

  • To make the world a better place for our future generations

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